5 tips to kick start your career in digital marketing


Why Career in digital Marketing

The dynamism of digital marketing career is all over the place. With a job creation of 1.5 lakhs by the end of this year, there is no better time to nosedive into the digital marketing splash. The digital marketing industry evolves like a speed merchant and so would your career be, if you decide to hop in. An excelling career in digital marketing is the blend of hard work and knowledge that would help you to swim through the high tides.

Here are a few tips to get your digital marketing career alive and kicking!

Zeal to learn it all!

Inquisitiveness pulls off the horizon of knowledge. This digital marketing era is spinning at a dizzy pace where things get obsolete at an even higher pace.You must have come across various digital discoveries every now and then, that’s how this industry hustles. Organizations hunt for candidates who are enthusiastic learners over along the ride camps. Getting your basics inline and getting the hang of up to the minute updates is the key for you to sail through.

Master the jargon jungle!

It’s important to stand out of the herd. This is the stage where basics of digital marketing end up being the hygiene factors. Your ability to understand the digital marketing campaigns is imitative of your intelligence to grasp the voluminous jargons. The jargons namely, SEO, PPC, SEM, AdWords etc. form the very existence of the digital marketing industry. The distinguish between these is paper thin. You must adept to this jargon jungle to unleash the professional in you.

Hobnob with the professionals!

Opportunities cater to those who strive for it. We are blessed to be a part of the world where connecting with people is only a few clicks away. Social media networking brings professionals, experts and learners all at the same table. This is a great platform to gain knowledge and grab the upcoming opportunities. Apart from this, you can always network through events, seminars and conferences that make career opportunities more approachable. Network right and your career is set to be at full speed ahead.

Take it hands on!

How does Pay per Click actually work? How do I use the AdWords? How should I increase the traffic to a certain website? You would arrive at these broadways when you are brimmed up with the theory and fail to understand the practicality of it. Blind off the leader’s work and conjure up your own ideas on the same projects. Freelance and take up projects under the guidance of professionals to learn the skills in real time. This would escalate your chances of getting noticed.

Bag the Badge!

Is taking up a course important for my career? Does the certification hold any value in the market? Feathering up your cap with certifications is always advisable. There are various recognized certification programs that empower you to exploit various contingencies of the digital marketing industry. You can even undertake specialized sessions on SEO, SMO, PPC or media planning and buying.Organizations not only look for active learners but also look forward to taking onboard certified professionals. If you have the zeal in you and a relevant badge on your shoulder, there is no look back for the digital marketing professional in you.


Embark on the ship of digital marketing with all the wisdom you gained. We are sure your digital marketing career would steer through eternal winning streaks.

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