The skill-set Jig-saw for Digital Marketers!


Digital Marketers Skill Set

Does the journey from good to great seem very longing? Is your aptitude willing to give up? Are you confused about what you should look up to? Trust me, you are not alone. A fresher, a digital dweller or an aspirant looking for a career switch all belong to the same page beyond a certain point.

The chariot would stumble without the alignment of wheels; likewise, your career can limp without the correct mixture of skill sets. Hold your horses; be rest assured, you have found your ‘go-to’ place. Delight the moment as you are looking forward to a career with no entry barriers and future-proofed career beef-up.

Here is a brief of hard and soft skills that would let your chariot of digital marketing to rush off on a joyride.

Dive in the creek of curiosity!

What does increasing website ranking mean? How do the social media increase the brand visibility? There are countless more such questions that juggle your brain. Hunt down all the answers. The more answers you find, the more questions would come up. It is this curiosity that stimulates the effectiveness of the digital powerhouse. Your inquisitiveness is going to keep you updated and relevant in the accelerated world.

Heap up your Techie Truck!

Wikipedia tells you ‘Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing of products and services using digital technologies’ wait, did you get that?  Let us simplify it for you. Digital marketing is nothing but a scripted representation of your communication skills. Yes, you read it right. It’s nothing but the proficiency of your language and sophistication of your sales pitch which you publish in the form of blogposts, infographics, websites, social media platforms and other interactive tools. It doesn’t end here. The work has no value if not acknowledged by the consumer, that’s where our tools come into play. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is that vertical of digital marketing where we strive to bring our website link on the first page of the search engine thereby improving its visibility while Social Media Optimization (SMO) does the similar work of brand awareness and recognition using the social media platforms like Facebook posts, Instagram updates and tweets.

Alluring analytics!

‘Big data’ is one of those fancy terms we apprehend at every nook and corner of the marketing crossroads. However, the crucial part is the appropriate usage of this ‘big data’ that gives birth to a whole new world of analytics. Yes, you get me right; the ‘number game’ is no more a pole star of only the financial sector but a rising star of the digital marketing province. Learn the rational statistics and you have almost made it to become a ‘pro’ in digital marketing.

Content entices the crown!

Have you ever wondered how the one liner sales pitch manages to grab your attention within a fraction of seconds? That is the power of words! The magic created using the wand of influential content lays the foothold of brand recognition. The more read the more you can write. If you can ace the artistry of manoeuvring words then you be rest assured to embark on the ladder of victory in digital marketing.

The keyword gamble!

A digital marketing expert excels at playing his cards well by which I intend to imbibe your minds with the precedence of tools like SEO, SMO, IoT, online PR and marketing automation. Visibility of an ad symbolizes the optimum keyword gamble of the digital marketer. You need to earn your honours with the cards you open for the show! If you manage to bag this you are all set to be a ‘pro’ for sure.


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