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TBS- Digital Marketing Training Institute is a digital education initiative by The Brand Saloon. There are two full time courses conducted by TBS. APDM and DMCP are the two programs run by TBS. This website was developed by TBS to stay updated and keep connected with the expanding circle of digitally erudite forerunners.

Since the digital world is constantly changing, the resources and content on the website will be constantly updated. Updates about the on-going courses, lectures, sessions, trainings and workshops will be constantly updated on the site.

If you are interested in enrolling in the any of the programs you can complete the enquiry form on our website. You can also opt to get in touch with us via phone or email.


>> You and Your means the user of www.theiiedm.com

>> Site means the website

>> Our, Us and We means the TBS institute.

>> TBS means The Brand Salon

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This disclaimer is intended to be adhered to in the context of use of this website. The information on this website is general in nature. This website is a means to communicate and connect with the expanding digital sphere is not to be interpreted as rendering professional advice.

Before relying on the information available on the website for an purpose, the users must first carefully evaluate its precision and relevance for their purposes, and should opt for appropriate professional advice applicable to their particular circumstances.

Here's a word of caution to those who using this website for information (or otherwise), though TBS monitors the quality of the information posted on this site it does not guarantee or accept any legal liability whatsoever arising the accuracy and reliability of any material contained on the site.

Any views, guidelines or recommendations of third parties is assembled in good faith and does not necessarily reflect the considered views of TBS either.